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We hold the 2016 Spring Festival Association

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    The flight of time, time flies, suddenly fruitful 2015 has been away from us, in January 22nd, the theme of "solidarity, shared prosperity" of the 2016 new year sodality, in our factory was held, all my colleagues in the company to cooperate with partners from around the world, here have a joyous gathering together for the past years, cheers, cheers to the coming of the new year.



 This annual meeting activities colorful, at first held a warm and happy garden activities, dozens of Games attracted everyone to participate, laughter can be heard without end. Welcome to the new year's dinner party, everyone in the taste of wine and food, bless each other, sharing joy.



2015 is the 25 anniversary of Oriental Medicine, so that this year will be more enthusiastic atmosphere. 25 years ago, the birth of Oriental Medicine, from a few people began a small workshop production, the development of the domestic industry leader, this is the reality version of the ugly duckling White Swan story. This achievement is the older generation of Oriental medical people stepped solid practical work out, which is the glory of the Eastern medical history will never fade.



At the annual meeting, Pang made a brief summary of 2015. In 2015, despite the difficulties, but the company still achieved the best performance in history, so that the company once again get a breakthrough. The dinner started after the total Pang led the leadership of the company, to bless to all employees and all partners wish to propose a toast, to achieve greater success next year.
      During the sweepstakes, make you happy again and again to reach a climax, cheers, applause, laughter in everyone's heart long waves.


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